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Joyful Thanksgiving! – Bike Snob NYC

Joyful Thanksgiving! – Bike Snob NYC


Joyful American Thanksgiving!

Sorry, fallacious image:

There may be a lot to be grateful for this vacation season: household, well being, you individuals, and naturally my bicycle enablers. I’m referring after all to individuals like Paul Johson of Traditional Cycle, who will simply ship me a motorcycle for no good cause. Right here’s one which arrived simply this week:

This one was deeply intriguing, and the knobby tires prompt a type of gravel bikes the children are all the time speaking about. As all the time, Paul had included his distinctive calling card:

Which indicated this bike as soon as belonged to somebody named Zach who was some type of Nationwide Champion of one thing:

So was he a gravel nationwide champion? There was one other card within the package deal as nicely, nevertheless it raised extra questions than it answered. For instance, in 2013 gravel hadn’t even been invented but. And whereas the bike did appear like a gravel bike, he seemed to be carrying it for some cause:

Luckily, the opposite aspect of the cardboard was extra informative, and it seems Zach had been a champion of one thing known as “cyclocross:”

With nice curiosity, I started to assemble this curious specimen:

It did certainly look very very like a gravel bike, and it was even made out of crabon, however for some cause it had–get this–rim brakes!

I’m after all a fan of conventional bicycles. Nonetheless, I’m additionally a former racer and a biking omnivore, and if you happen to ship me a professional race bike I’m more than pleased to trip it:

Whereas I used to be as soon as an enthusiastic cyclocross racer, I used to be additionally horrible, and I bought lapped like a saucer of milk at a cat cafe. As such, that is maybe essentially the most ironic bike I’ve ever ridden, since I’m utterly unworthy of the celebs and stripes of the nationwide champion, and I utterly lack focus.

Whereas I’ve solely had one trip on it thus far, I can report it weighs lower than nothing and looks like driving a paper airplane. It additionally has all the professional bike options, like decals that describe elements of the bike:

it’s a real race bike when it’s lined with real-life mouseovers:

So what is the distinction between cyclocross bikes and gravel bikes, anyway? Properly, if you must ask you then actually don’t perceive bikes–and by that I imply I don’t know. Nonetheless, this bike will not be appropriate for gravel, since not solely does it have primitive rim brakes which can be very highly effective:

However it additionally has a entrance derailleur, and if you happen to try and trip a motorcycle with a entrance derailleur on gravel you possible received’t survive:

Certainly, so pernicious is the entrance derailleur that the body seems to be rejecting it like an organ transplant gone unhealthy:

And but, regardless of all this, the bike felt nice, go determine:

I’ll after all share extra perception into this star-spangled plastic curiosity, however within the meantime I want you a really completely happy Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you again right here on Monday.


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