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Gluten Free A-Z : In My Kitchen -December

Gluten Free A-Z : In My Kitchen -December


December we will probably be wanting into my  kitchen in my Florida apartment. I am becoming a member of Sherry’s IN MY KITCHEN the place anybody can share!

I’ve purchased a field of dripless candles for the upcoming vacation (subsequent week) of Hanukkah! We are going to mild candles for every of the 8 nights of the vacation beginning this 12 months on Dec 7, 2023 and ending Dec 15, 2023.

I’m not a lot of a decorator for holidays, however I do have a number of objects for celebrating Chanukah/Hanukkah that I exploit from 12 months to 12 months.  

When my youngsters have been younger, we did extra adorning and celebrating. Now, not a lot adorning however I nonetheless carry out among the issues I’ve collected since in Florida for the previous 11 years. We often invite visitors for a vacation meal of soup, salad and potato latkes. Then we mild the candles (and say the prayers and sing songs) for the vacation.

It is a small glass trivet that I show and use as a hotplate for serving through the vacation 

Chanukah glass tray,

It is a serving plate that I exploit to serve potato latkes (pancakes) through the vacation! 

Hanukkah platter with beautiful decorations

These colourful toy driedels are used to play the “dreidel sport” on Chanukah. I’ve had them for years and so they look festive displayed for the vacation. 

One among my Chanukah dish towels. As you’ll be able to see, the theme for Hanukkah is spreading the sunshine, love, and believing in miracles!

I purchase Hannukah cookies (I’ve not baked my very own in years)

Free Cookies for Hanukkah Stock Photo

It’s conventional to eat fried meals on Hanukkah! It commemorates the miracle of the little little bit of oil lasted 8 days within the Temple in Jerusalem  within the 2nd century B.C.! The oil was utilized in these days as candles for mild. That’s the reason we mild candles to to herald the sunshine for every night time of the vacation!

 Jews of Jap Europe background eat fried potato latkes (pancakes); Jews from Center Jap cultures eat fried jelly donuts. Now, that I am older, I do not do effectively with fried meals of any sort. I am going to attempt to make potato latkes with just a bit oil spray within the air fryer this 12 months. 

a donut sitting on top of a white plate

My notes: 

1. Hanukkah/Chanukah  is spelled some ways. It’s really a Hebrew phrase that’s translated into English. 

2. Though Hanukkah falls on Dec. 7 this 12 months, it can start on a special day subsequent 12 months. That’s as a result of Jewish holidays comply with a Jewish Biblical calendar which began over 5, 000 years in the past. It’s a lunisolar calendar versus our Gregorian Calendar that primarily based on one year and is a photo voltaic calendar. So the Jewish vacation dates will fluctuate from 12 months to 12 months on the Gregorian calendar that we use however stay content material on the Jewish calendar.

3. Chanukah songs: 

Oh Hanukkah !!

Driedel Tune

Rock of Ages

Story of Hanukkah for younger or older youngsters (and adults who do not know the story)

Story of Hanukah for younger youngsters (and adults who do not know the story)



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