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Greatest Low-Carb Sweet for Halloween

Greatest Low-Carb Sweet for Halloween


Uncover the perfect low-carb sweet for you and your loved ones to eat this Halloween season! From chocolate bars to bitter gummies to creamy caramels, I’ve collected keto variations of your whole favourite candy treats.

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Battling a candy tooth whereas following a keto weight loss plan is not for the weak. And attempting to withstand all the confections across the Halloween season is doubly tough!

Fortunately, there’s a ton of keto sweet available on the market that permits you to bask in some yummy treats this Halloween season and all year long.

On this put up, I am sharing all one of the best low-carb sweet choices that you would be able to eat on a ketogenic weight loss plan. I’ve even included a few of my very own keto sweet recipes so that you can make at house!

Dive into scrumptious keto-friendly sweets, together with gummies, chocolate, exhausting candies, and extra.

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What’s keto sweet?

So, what precisely qualifies as keto sweet?

My record consists of all sweet that may be loved on a low-carb weight loss plan. These treats are low in carbohydrates, are naturally sweetened, and will not break your ketosis when eaten proper.

With this mentioned, eat all of those treats sparsely!

Sweet is tremendous straightforward to over-indulge in, however breaking your ketosis isn’t well worth the short-term enjoyment.

The perfect low-carb sweet choices

These are my private favourite keto-friendly sweet choices. You should buy these treats immediately from their web sites, on Amazon, or in most grocery shops!

Gummy low-carb sweet

Chewy gummies are a Halloween staple. Strive these low-carb sweet variations:

1. Kiss My Keto gummies

Kiss My Keto gummies are available quite a lot of sugar-free choices, together with tropical rings, bitter gummy bears, bitter cola pops, and fish pals.

In addition they promote each traditional and bitter fruit gummies. I like to recommend you attempt each!

Vitamin info (berry bites)
  • Serving dimension – 1 bag (25g)
  • Energy – 45
  • Sugar – 0g
  • Web carbs – 2g
  • Protein – 0g
  • Fats – 0g
  • Fiber – 15g

You possibly can try all the out there Kiss My Keto sweet on Amazon!

Kiss my Keto berry bites

2. Good Sweets gummies

The Good Sweets gummies are greater in carbohydrates than others on this record, so eat them with additional care. They’re distinctive as a result of they’re completely plant-based and made with out gelatin.

Yummy choices embrace candy fish, peach rings, gummy worms, and bitter melon bites.

Vitamin info (fruity gummy bears)
  • Serving dimension – 1 bag (50g)
  • Energy – 110
  • Sugar – 4g
  • Web carbs – 18g
  • Protein – 4g
  • Fats – 0g
  • Fiber – 9g

You possibly can try all the out there Good Candy sweet on Amazon!

Smart Sweets gummy bears

3. Lily’s gummies

Lily’s gummies are available each bitter gummy worms and gummy bears! The worms are particularly tasty, with lemon raspberry and apple peach flavors (the apple peach tastes similar to bitter apple rings!).

Vitamin info (bitter gummy worms)
  • Serving dimension – 1 pouch (51g)
  • Energy – 70
  • Sugar – <1g
  • Web carbs – 4g
  • Protein – 0g
  • Fats – 0g
  • Fiber – 24g

You possibly can try all the out there Lily’s sweet on Amazon!

Lily's sour gummy worms

4. Joyride gummies

Joyride sells zero-sugar gummies in a ton of scrumptious flavors. Favourite merchandise embrace their peachy mango rings, fruity gummy bears, and berry gummy guppies.

These plant-based gummies include zero sugar alcohols, no artificial colours, and are an important supply of fiber.

Vitamin info (peachy mango rings)
  • Serving dimension – 1 bag (50g)
  • Energy – 80
  • Sugar – 0g
  • Web carbs – 6g
  • Protein – 0g
  • Fats – 0g
  • Fiber – 20g

You possibly can try all the out there Joyride sweet on Amazon!

Joyride Zero sugar peach rings

Chocolate low-carb sweet

Chocolate lovers, this one’s for you. Uncover one of the best low-carb sweet bars and chocolatey treats:

5. Lily’s chocolate bars

Lily’s chocolate bars are creamy, gluten-free, and naturally sweetened with stevia. Flavors embrace blood orange additional darkish chocolate, birthday cake white chocolate, and almond darkish chocolate.

Psst – Lily’s additionally makes keto chocolate-covered almonds! They’re extremely really useful. 

Vitamin info (blood orange additional darkish chocolate)
  • Serving dimension – 30g
  • Energy – 130
  • Sugar – 0g
  • Web carbs – 2g
  • Protein – 3g
  • Fats – 12g
  • Fiber – 8g

You possibly can try all the out there Lily’s chocolate on Amazon!

Lily's dark chocolate bar

6. Kiss My Keto chocolate bars

Kiss My Keto chocolate bars are sweetened with erythritol and stevia extract for candy chocolate with out the additional carbs.

Flavors embrace darkish unique, pumpkin seeds and sea salt, and toasted hazelnut.

Vitamin info (darkish chocolate toasted hazelnut)
  • Serving dimension – 38g (⅓ bar)
  • Energy – 120
  • Sugar – 0g
  • Web carbs – 1g
  • Protein – 2g
  • Fats – 11g
  • Fiber – 8g

You possibly can try all the out there Kiss My Keto chocolate on Amazon!

Kiss My Keto chocolate bar

7. N!ck’s snack bars

N!ck’s snack bars are available a spread of flavors, all of that are well worth the attempt! Yummy choices embrace chocolate peanut, chocolate caramel, mint chocolate, and crispy nougat.

These chocolate bars are additional distinctive as a result of they double as a protein supply, made with milk protein focus, hydrolyzed collagen, calcium caseinate, and whey protein focus.

Vitamin info (choklad peanöt)
  • Serving dimension – 1 bar (50g)
  • Energy – 190
  • Sugar – 3g
  • Web carbs – 4g
  • Protein – 15g
  • Fats – 10g
  • Fiber – 6g

You possibly can try all the out there N!ck’s chocolate on Amazon!

N!ck's chocolate peanut bar

8. ChocZero sugar-free chocolate

The ChocZero sugar-free chocolate is ideal for milk chocolate lovers. They make milk chocolate squares in orange, peppermint, and white chocolate.

Choc Zero additionally makes peanut butter cups (white, milk, and darkish), chocolate-covered almonds, and keto chocolate bark.

These merchandise haven’t any added sugar, no sugar alcohol, and are sweetened with monk fruit.

Vitamin info (peppermint milk chocolate squares)
  • Serving dimension – 3 items (30g)
  • Energy – 140
  • Sugar – 0g
  • Web carbs – 2g
  • Protein – 1g
  • Fats – 12g
  • Fiber – 14g

You possibly can try all the out there ChocZero chocolate on Amazon!

ChocZero peppermint chocolate squares

9. Quest sweet bars

Quest sells quite a lot of keto chocolate delights, together with peanut butter cups, milk chocolate peanut bites, and all kinds of sweet bars.

You possibly can simply discover this model at your native grocery retailer for handy snacking.

Vitamin info (sweet bar with gooey caramel and peanuts)
  • Serving dimension – 1 bar (52g)
  • Energy – 210
  • Sugar – 1g
  • Web carbs – 3g
  • Protein – 12g
  • Fats – 14g
  • Fiber – 9g

You possibly can try all the out there Quest chocolate on Amazon!

Quest caramel bars with peanuts

Low-carb exhausting sweet

If exhausting sweet is your jam, it is your time to shine. These are one of the best keto exhausting sweet choices out there:

10. Good Sweets exhausting sweet

Good Sweets Lollipops & Jolly Gems are sweetened with stevia leaf extract for a naturally candy deal with. The lollipops are tasty and enjoyable to eat, coming in blue raspberry and watermelon flavors.

Vitamin info (lollipops)
  • Serving dimension – 2 lollipops
  • Energy – 40
  • Sugar – 1g
  • Web carbs – 12g
  • Protein – 0g
  • Fats – 0g
  • Fiber – 0g

You possibly can try all the out there Good Candy Lollipops on Amazon!

Smart Sweets lollipops

11. Stevita Naturals exhausting sweet

Stevita Naturals exhausting sweet is sugar-free and is available in 3 tasty choices: cheery cherry, outrageous orange, and wonderful grape.

Vitamin info (cheery cherry)
  • Serving dimension – 1 piece (1.5g)
  • Energy – 3
  • Sugar – 1.5g
  • Web carbs – 0g
  • Protein – 0g
  • Fats – 0g
  • Fiber – 0g

You possibly can try all the out there Stevita sweet on Amazon!

Stevita Cheery Cherry Hard Candy

Extra keto sweet choices!

There are such a lot of extra low-carb sweet choices on the market. Listed here are a number of of my closing favorites:

12. Earthside Farms candied nuts

Earthside Keto Farms candied nuts are vegan, sugar-free, low-carb, and completely pleasant! Strive their butter toffee peanuts, maple candied pecans, and blueberry vanilla cashews.

Vitamin info (maple candied pecans)
  • Serving dimension – 1 bundle (28g)
  • Energy – 160
  • Sugar – 0g
  • Web carbs – 2g
  • Protein – 2g
  • Fats – 16g
  • Fiber – 2g

You possibly can try all the out there Earthside Farms sweet on Amazon!

Earthside maple candied pecans

13. Cocomels coconut milk caramels

Cocomels caramels are vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free. Made with heavenly coconut cream, these caramels are one of the best I’ve ever tried!

Keto choices embrace unique and sea salt caramels, crispy bites, and sea salt bites.

Vitamin info (unique caramels)
  • Serving dimension – 5 items (30g)
  • Energy – 80
  • Sugar – <1g
  • Web carbs – 2g
  • Protein – 0g
  • Fats – 5g
  • Fiber – 14g

You possibly can try all the out there Cocomels sweet on Amazon!

Cocomels coconut milk caramels

14. Joyride licorice twists

Joyride licorice twists are plant-based and made with zero sugar, sugar-alcohols, or artificial colours. Whereas most licorice is crammed with a number of sugar and starchy wheat flour, this model is keto-approved.

Vitamin info (crimson licorice twists)
  • Serving dimension – 1 bag (50g)
  • Energy – 100
  • Sugar – 0g
  • Web carbs – 10g
  • Protein – 0g
  • Fats – 0g
  • Fiber – 16g

You possibly can try all the out there Joyride sweet on Amazon!

Joyride licorice twists

15. Tom & Jenny’s chewy caramels

Tom & Jenny’s chewy caramels are available all kinds of tasty flavors, together with chocolate and traditional. They even supply distinctive flavors like ginger, espresso, and spiced rum.

Vitamin info (traditional)
  • Serving dimension – 5 items (32.5g)
  • Energy – 60
  • Sugar – 0g
  • Web carbs – 12g
  • Protein – 0g
  • Fats – 3.5g
  • Fiber – 0g

You possibly can try all the out there Tom and Jenny’s sweet on Amazon!

Tom & Jenny's caramels

Low-carb sweet you could acknowledge

You might even see sugar-free variations of Halloween classics, together with:

  • Reese’s Zero Sugar
  • Zero Sugar Hershey’s
  • Jolly Ranchers Zero Sugar

Whereas they could seem keto on the floor, they do include excessive ranges of sugar alcohols like maltitol which are not really useful on a wholesome keto weight loss plan.

Interested by which sweeteners I like to recommend? Try this put up with one of the best low carb and keto sugar substitutes!

The perfect home made low-carb sweet

Need to make your personal low-carb sweet recipes at house? These are a few of my favourite recipes that includes sugar-free Halloween sweet and different candy favorites:

Sugar-free peppermint patties

Should you’re craving sugar-free peppermint candies, you have come to the fitting place!

My sugar-free peppermint patties style similar to Junior Mints and are particularly yummy when frozen.

Sugar free peppermint patties for low carb candy

Keto hazelnut chocolate sweet balls

My keto hazelnut chocolate sweet balls are made with roasted hazelnut, milk chocolate chips, and chocolate hazelnut unfold for a decadent mixture.

keto hazelnut chocolate ball candy

Keto white chocolate truffles

These low carb white chocolate truffles are comfortable and creamy inside, with a darkish chocolate coating.

My secret ingredient? Mascarpone cheese!

chocolate coated keto truffles on pan

Low-carb chocolate kisses

Wrap my keto chocolate kisses in some foil sweet wrappers for an additional cute sweet that’s good for gifting.

low carb candy hershey's kiss inspired

Coconut low-carb sweet bars (Almond Pleasure copycat)

My coconut sweet bars are an enormous hit with all ages, made with roasted almonds and shredded coconut.

This keto sweet recipe tastes similar to Almond Pleasure, perhaps even higher!

Coconut low carb candy bars

Darkish chocolate almond bark with sea salt

This darkish chocolate almond bark is topped with flaky sea salt to sort out each your candy and savory cravings in a single fell swoop.

low carb candy almond bark recipe

Keto white chocolate fudge

With regards to low-carb candies, this keto white chocolate fudge cannot be overwhelmed.

It is made merely with condensed milk and white chocolate chips.

keto white chocolate fudge on a plate

Peppermint scorching chocolate stirrers

These peppermint scorching chocolate stirrers are nice in espresso or scorching chocolate for just a little additional yum! Plus they make actually cute items.

hot chocolate stirrers on white rimmed plate

Do-it-yourself chocolate-covered peanut clusters

These chocolate-covered peanut clusters have zero sugar alcohols for guilt-free sweet.

homemade chocolate peanut clusters on white plates

Keto sugar-free white chocolate bars

This white chocolate is one in all my best (and most scrumptious) sugar-free sweet recipes. Bonus – it solely comprises 1g web carbs per serving.

white chocolate low carb candy bars

Straightforward keto peanut butter cups

Should you looove Reese’s chocolate peanut butter cups, I’ve excellent news for you. You possibly can take pleasure in all of that scrumptious chocolate peanut butter taste on a low-carb weight loss plan.

Simply attempt my straightforward keto peanut butter cups and prepare to fall in love.

keto peanut butter cups on light purple plate

Keto sugar-free marshmallows

My sugar-free marshmallows are scrumptious on their very own, in low-carb smores, or on high of a creamy scorching chocolate.

low carb marshmallow recipe

Sugar-free gummy bears

Need to make your personal keto gummy bears?

My sugar-free gummy bears recipe is made with natural fruit tea, raspberry fruit extract, and low-carb sweetener.

sugar-free gummy bears recipe

Low-carb Toosie rolls

My low-carb Tootsie rolls are enjoyable, chewy, and completely addicting.

Whip up a batch of those low-carb chocolate candies for the household, and simply watch how briskly they’re going to disappear. 

Healthy Homemade Tootsie Rolls


These are the questions I am most requested about consuming low-carb sweet on a keto weight loss plan. Should you do not see your query answered right here, please depart it for me within the feedback down beneath!

What sweet has the bottom carbs?

On my record, Stevita Naturals exhausting sweet wins for the bottom carb depend! These little exhausting candies include <1g web carbs per sweet. With that mentioned, these small exhausting candies are fairly tiny and will not at all times fulfill your sugar cravings.

ChocZero chocolate squares are additionally very low, containing 2g web carbs per 3 squares. And for gummies, Kiss My Keto gummy bears win at simply 2g web carbs per pouch.

Are skittles low-carb?

Skittles are removed from a low-carb sweet. The truth is, they’re extraordinarily excessive in carbohydrates, with 92.5g web carbs per 100g bundle!

Keep away from Skittles and take a look at some exhausting candies from Good Sweets or Stevita Naturals as an alternative.

Like these low-carb sweet choices? Strive these!

This Halloween, get munching on all of those low-carb, keto-friendly candies:

Observe us on FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, and INSTAGRAM for much more tasty keto-friendly recipes!



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