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Magnesium FAQs | Planet Natural


What’s magnesium?

Magnesium, also referred to as the miracle mineral, performs an important function in over 300 enzymatic capabilities within the human physique together with selling rest and stopping stress, nervousness, and low temper.


How does magnesium promote rest?

Magnesium regulates cortisol, the physique’s stress hormone, to make sure that now we have regular sleep-wake cycles and sustained power all through the day.

Magnesium additionally reduces glutamate, a stimulatory neurotransmitter, whereas rising GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter within the mind, to maintain us calm and relaxed.


Why ought to I take a magnesium complement?

Sadly, magnesium is depleted in our soil and meals provide and thus many individuals are poor regardless of consuming magnesium-rich meals. Due to this fact, there are advantages to taking a magnesium complement. 


Which kind of magnesium ought to I take for rest? 

For magnesium to be absorbed and utilised by the physique, it have to be certain to a magnesium provider. Examples of frequent magnesium carriers embrace glycinate, citrate, malate, threonate, oxide and chloride. The perfect magnesium provider to help rest, nonetheless, is magnesium glycinate. It’s because glycinate binds to glycine receptors within the mind, supporting temper and sleep.


What’s the distinction between magnesium glycinate and different types of magnesium?

Magnesium gylcinate, also referred to as bisglycinate, is the perfect at supporting rest, temper, and sleep. Different types of magnesium nonetheless help rest, temper, and sleep however provide different well being advantages too. For example, magnesium citrate can also be good for power, train, and digestion.


Planet Natural magnesium vary:

At Planet Natural, we inventory an in depth vary of magnesium dietary supplements, our in-store groups will probably be completely satisfied that will help you choose essentially the most appropriate complement based mostly in your way of life and presenting signs. 


By: Lucy Browne



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