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Maple Syrup versus Date Syrup

Maple Syrup versus Date Syrup


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Comparability of maple syrup and date syrup and which is greatest for diet and digestion primarily based on chemical construction and mineral composition.

bowl of maple syrup and date syrup side by side for comparison

Relating to wholesome complete sweeteners, I obtain a whole lot of questions on the distinction between maple syrup and date syrup.

I take advantage of each of those sweeteners in a variety of conventional dessert recipes on this website, so which do I select and why in a given scenario?

Let me go over my thought course of to offer you some thought of which syrup to make use of for one of the best outcomes and optimum digestion!

Dietary Comparability

Relating to diet, hands-down, date syrup is the winner.

As you possibly can see from the chart under, date syrup accommodates way more minerals per serving than maple syrup. (1)

This isn’t to say that maple syrup is “unhealthy”. I like maple syrup and use it usually for my baking wants.

Nevertheless, evaluating strictly from a dietary perspective, date syrup is the higher alternative if mineral content material is your main concern.

Excessive ORAC Worth

Along with nutritional vitamins and minerals, you possibly can see from the chart above that date syrup has an exceptionally excessive ORAC worth in comparison with maple syrup.

What’s ORAC?

This acronym stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capability, which measures the antioxidant capability in a given meals. (2)

Greater ORAC values have been proven to contribute to a decreased threat for illnesses akin to coronary heart illness and most cancers.


Relating to digestibility, I continuously select date syrup over maple syrup.

The reason being as a result of date syrup is a 100% fruit sweetener. Which means date syrup has the best molecular construction as a monosaccharide.

By comparability, maple syrup is a disaccharide sweetener.

Whereas the sort of molecule is okay for these with sturdy digestion, it isn’t for these with autoimmune points. Notice that unrefined cane sugar (sucanat) and coconut sugar/syrup are additionally disaccharides.

Like date syrup, honey can be an easy-to-digest monosaccharide, which is why each honey and fruit are permitted on gut-healing diets like GAPS (not GAPS Intro).

Provided that my husband is on the common GAPS weight-reduction plan (and has been for a variety of years), I select date syrup in order that he can benefit from the occasional sweets I make for our household too!

Anti-Microbial Properties

There’s some good analysis that means that date syrup possesses antibacterial properties much like that of uncooked honey.

The outcomes revealed that date syrup inhibited the expansion of a combination of disease-causing micro organism.

This consists of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. (3)

By comparability, maple syrup doesn’t provide the sort of anti-bacterial motion.

Syrup Adulteration Risks

Each date syrup and maple syrup are costly sweeteners.

This has resulted in syrup adulteration by some producers to enhance earnings. These manufacturers largely are distributed inside the industrialized meals system.

Uncooked honey has been stricken by this identical drawback for years. It’s continuously watered down with corn syrup.

Relating to maple syrup, some manufacturers are watered down with cane syrup.

Equally, date syrup manufacturers will be watered down with cheaper sweeteners as properly.

The adulteration concern is especially regarding for date syrup as a result of if somebody on the GAPS weight-reduction plan consumes a model that’s watered down with a disaccharide sweetener like cane syrup, a relapse of signs can happen.

Thus, verify the model you select for each of those sweeteners correctly to make sure it’s 100% genuine and pure.

As all the time, shopping for direct from the producer of the syrup is an efficient technique to keep away from this drawback!

Which to Select?

In my residence, I take advantage of each maple syrup and date syrup. Each are scrumptious, complete food-based, and conventional.

Nevertheless, I take advantage of date syrup usually when members of the family or buddies with autoimmune digestive issues can be consuming my dishes.

It is because date syrup is less complicated to digest than maple syrup resulting from its less complicated monosaccharide molecular construction.

Date syrup can be greater in mineral content material and presents some anti-bacterial properties that maple syrup doesn’t.

This date syrup model overview may show useful on your sourcing wants. That is the model of natural, darkish maple syrup that I like to recommend.

On the finish of the day, whichever syrup you select, it is very important supply solely 100% pure and genuine manufacturers!

Each of those wholesome sweeteners endure from profit-driven adulteration issues inside the industrialized meals system.

maple syrup and date syrup differences in white bowls


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(2) USDA Database for the Oxygen Radical Capability (ORAC) of Chosen Meals

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