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Moringa leaves Diet details & Well being advantages

Moringa leaves Diet details & Well being advantages



Though recent moringa leaves are available across the 12 months, they’re in season within the spring in South Asia. The tender leafy suggestions and flower buds are a lot wanted within the delicacies throughout South and South East Asia.

Select recent, crisp, brilliant inexperienced, and undamaged leaves in tiny bundles. Keep away from sunken, dry, yellow, and bruised leaves as they’re out of taste.


Moringa leaves spoil early if not saved adequately. Use them inside 1-2 days of harvest.

Storage circumstances for Moringa leaves are just like these for different leafy greens like spinach. At residence, retailer in plastic baggage within the fridge for as much as 2 days set at 32°F-34°F (0°-1°C) and 95% relative humidity. Don’t deep freeze.

Preparation and serving strategies

Moringa leaves are used as a potherb within the delicacies throughout many South Asian areas.

To arrange, trim away any robust stems rinse beneath chilly water, and shake off extra water, or pat dry utilizing a fabric.

To benefit from the wholesome dietary facets of moringa leaves, don’t overcook; eat them simply flippantly steamed or sauteed.

Listed below are some serving suggestions:

  • Moringa leaves are eaten sautéed in vegetable stir-fries, cooked with lentils and different leafy greens as a potherb, alone or in a combination with different leafy greens like spinach, and so forth., in lots of South-Asian nations.

  • Murungai Keerai (Drumstick Leaves) Poriyal is a particular south Indian stew recipe cooked with moong beans, grated coconut and spices, and condiments.

  • Drumstick leaves dal/Kootu recipe is a particular dish served over steamed rice.

  • Dried moringa leaves powder is employed in wholesome and flavorful soups and desserts.

  • Within the Philippines (malunggay), the place they’re marketed throughout the season, moringa leaves are used liberally in soups, stews with fish, prawns, and poultry.

  • Within the Philippines, recent leaves are cooked in coconut milk to arrange ginattang malunggay.

  • Dry and powdered moringa leaves could be added to the food plan to enhance the dietary high quality in Africa and Asia. Bread, muffins, pastry, rolls, and desserts could be ready by mixing M.oleifera powder with wheat, maize, and rice flour.

Security profile

Phytates and dietary fiber current within the moringa leaves could intervene with the bioavailability of minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium.

Its leaves, when eaten in giant portions, could trigger abdomen upset, gaseous distension, and unfastened stools attributable to their laxative properties. (Medical disclaimer).

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