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Pumpkin Season & Ayurveda – Santa Cruz Ayurveda

Pumpkin Season & Ayurveda – Santa Cruz Ayurveda


by Sheyna Haisman-Holmes

That is the season when vibrant orange pumpkins begin showing in all places, calling to our eyes that fall is upon us. It’s the stunning beginnings of winter squash season! These edible gourds could have us considering of carving pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin espresso, pureed soups, stuffed squash and extra. Pumpkins and different winter squash maintain nutrient dense qualities that we are able to profit from as this season attracts us inwards.

The qualities of pumpkins are chilly, dry and candy. The candy taste is kapha dosha, which must be elevated right now of yr to assist stability vata dosha. Pumpkin works to pacify pitta dosha, which can appear shocking. They’re within the Curcurbitaceae household with cucumbers and different pitta pacifying gourds. If we discover, pumpkins are often prepared and ripe nicely earlier than Halloween comes round, making their season nearer to the transition time of the seasons earlier than autumn equinox. This time of transition from pitta season to vata season is once we can devour pumpkins to cleanse extra pitta and start to nourish our techniques for the approaching fall and winter. As we transfer deeper into vata season, we are able to begin consuming different out there winter squash like butternut, delicata, acorn, kabocha, purple kuri, carnival squash and extra.

Pumpkin is a type of meals that grows in a selected season to offer nourishing well being advantages, however wants some superb tuning to make it align extra with the physique’s wants right now of yr. While you decide one up, it’s heavy and arduous, however inside is considerably hole and light-weight. It has this duality of being grounding and nourishing, whereas on the identical time it may be a bit mild and dry. Many different meals have this attribute the place their qualities change after being cooked. Cooking it with oils and fat helps counterbalance these qualities and permit their nourishing qualities to come back via. Including warming spices to pumpkin recipes might help to make it much less chilly and extra digestible as nicely.

Consuming pumpkin could be grounding, comforting, calming and muscle enjoyable. Pumpkin is soothing to the GI tract and helps relieve constipation and soothes irritated bowels. They include excessive ranges of magnesium and potassium, in addition to tryptophan which inspires sleepiness. Pumpkins have beta carotene (vitamin A), which is sweet for the pores and skin, hair and eyes. This connects to mobile well being and prevents injury from free radicals.

Contemplate experimenting with pumpkin this yr! It may be baked and pureed, cubed and softened in a soup, roasted with different veggies, baked into bread or wholesome cookies and extra! Do not forget that the meals rising seasonally are medicinal for the season and helps to nourish what our our bodies want simply on the proper time 🙂





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