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“Sugar Shake” Take a look at for Varroa Mites

“Sugar Shake” Take a look at for Varroa Mites


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Methods to use the nonlethal “sugar shake” technique to verify a yard residential beehive for a varroa mite infestation.

beekeeper conducting sugar shake test for varroa mites

Varroa mites are one of many greatest threats to the well being and long-term viability of a beehive.

For these of us who preserve honeybees within the yard, you will need to do routine month-to-month checks for varroa to make sure that all is properly together with your winged associates!

“Sugar Shake” Take a look at for Varroa Mites

On this newest video added to my playlist on beekeeping, I exploit what known as the “sugar shake” technique for a varroa mites verify.

This technique is taught by the Institute of Meals and Agricultural Sciences on the College of Florida. (1)

The sugar shake is a nonlethal, nonharmful technique to soundly verify your hive for a varroa mite infestation.

It entails 4 steps:

  • Accumulate a half cup of bees from a brood body (ensure that the queen just isn’t on this body first).
  • Coat the check bees with 2 tablespoons of powdered cane sugar and allow them to sit for five minutes.
  • Gently shake the sugar onto a white floor and depend the variety of dislodged mites. Three or fewer mites is taken into account a “move”.
  • Safely return the check bees to the hive.


The first advantage of the sugar shake is that it’s a fast and straightforward technique for novice and newbie beekeepers to maintain tabs on the well being of the hive.

One other huge plus is that the check is innocent and nonlethal to the check bees.


The one disadvantage of the sugar shake technique is that it’s much less correct in humid climate.

It is because a excessive moisture content material within the air causes the powdered sugar to clump, leading to a much less correct outcome.

This draw back is well remedied by performing the check inside an air conditioned constructing.

Merely seize the check bees in a jar and transfer inside a climate-controlled room to conduct the rest of the check.

Failed Take a look at?

If the check for varroa mites fails, then remedial motion to regulate the extreme varroa mites is a good suggestion.

This video on the right way to safely deal with a yard beehive for varroa mites gives extra particulars.

One other various is to transition to brood frames with smaller hexagonal cells, corresponding to what could be present in wild honeybee colonies. Some analysis means that this might help to short-circuit the varroa mite lifecycle with no hurt to the hive. It is a favored strategy by beekeepers who espouse a hands-off technique for controlling varroa. (2)

There are different choices to think about for protected, nonlethal varroa management corresponding to utilizing a screened backside board (which I exploit). (3)

One other concept is to make do-it-yourself pollen patties for the bees to supply additional vitamin. A powerful hive is of course immune to any infestation together with varroa. That is one thing I’m going to make use of myself and will likely be overlaying in a later submit and video! (4)


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