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Time Trial Knowledge Suggestions: What’s Too A lot?

Time Trial Knowledge Suggestions: What’s Too A lot?


We’ve all seen the memes of riders who spend their whole saddle time staring down at their pc items reasonably than the world round them. However is info energy (because the saying goes), or can an excessive amount of knowledge or suggestions be detrimental to efficiency to aggressive cyclists?

Essentially the most well-known stem starer

Stem Staring

Rightly or wrongly, Chris Froome was the poster boy for memes about riders gazing their stems or bike computer systems, resulting in all types of debate about robotic racing and concepts about banning energy meters. Froome truly claims it’s his pure physique alignment and posture on the bike reasonably than an obsession with knowledge.

In lab experiments, we usually have individuals carry out time trials with none suggestions (energy, distance, HR, cadence, and so on.), as we need to see their pure pacing technique. In monitor racing, you’re allowed to document knowledge, however the pc needs to be hidden out of view. Off the boards, we’ll virtually all the time know the gap of the race, and our computer systems give us entry to a virtually infinite array of potential knowledge.

So what is perfect? If we need to nail our membership time trial, ought to we go the monitor or the street route? If the latter, how a lot data is an excessive amount of data?

I beforehand wrote a few 2017 research about simply what knowledge factors skilled and non-experienced cyclists deal with.

Bayne et al. 2020

Having a single versus a number of knowledge suggestions obtainable throughout time trials was the main target of a UK/Qatari research (Bayne et al. 2020). In addition they examined the consequences of suggestions on skilled versus inexperienced cyclists. Listed below are the principle experimental particulars.

  • 10 skilled cyclists (> 2 years of biking or triathlon competitors) and 10 match (> 5 h of exercise per week) non-cyclists.
  • A 30 min lab time trial was the check, with the aim of highest common energy or work performed throughout this time. Check was performed in 18°C with a slight wind.
  • The one suggestions situation was elapsed time.
  • The a number of suggestions consisted of time, distance, velocity, cadence, watts, and coronary heart charge.
  • Eye monitoring software program was used to see how lengthy individuals checked out completely different knowledge factors.

The Eyes Have It

An fascinating query executed with an acceptable and simple analysis design.

As seen within the backside graph of this determine, all teams (CTMF = Cyclists, a number of suggestions; CTSF = Single suggestions; NCMF = Non-cyclists), had comparable pacing methods no matter expertise or suggestions amount. For the non-cyclists, single or a number of suggestions had no impact on efficiency, with common wattage 131 and 137 W with single and a number of suggestions, respectively. This might recommend that knowledge availability was secondary to pure health and expertise.

The skilled cyclists offered fairly a special response to suggestions, nonetheless. With single suggestions, their common energy was 288 W. Nonetheless, with a number of suggestions, there was an enormous drop all the way down to 228 W, regardless of comparable rankings of perceived exertion. This might recommend that the presence of a lot suggestions led to info overload and distraction from the duty at hand.

Diving deeper into the attention monitoring knowledge, it’s not stunning that the cyclists glanced most frequently and likewise spent essentially the most time glancing at energy, although their notion was that they glanced most at velocity. One different fascinating remark was that the whole period of time glancing at knowledge decreased over the 30 min time trial. This might recommend a shift to specializing in inside cues over time, or probably cognitive fatigue from info overload.

euro TT 2023
Watch the place you’re going

Eyes on the Street!

Based mostly on this research, the recommendation for time trials and possibly even climbing or KOM-hunting could also be to simplify your pc display. Follow one (e.g., energy, common energy, cadence) or at most two metrics (e.g., add in time, distance or distance-to-go).

I can’t conclude this research with out a warning. This was performed within the lab on a stationary bike. Out on the street, maintain your eyes up and alert!

Simplify your life. Go minimalist and go quick!


Bayne F, Racinais S, Mileva Okay, et al (2020) Much less Is Extra—Cyclists-Triathlete’s 30 min Biking Time-Trial Efficiency Is Impaired With A number of Suggestions In comparison with a Single Suggestions. Entrance Psychol 11:. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2020.608426




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