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Why We Love Leafy Greens

Why We Love Leafy Greens


When you’re accustomed to the ideas of the Hallelujah Food regimen then you recognize {that a} food plan stuffed with uncooked vegatables and fruits is the important thing to a wholesome, fulfilling way of life. Whereas all vegatables and fruits are wholesome, in terms of nourishment and dietary energy, leafy greens steal the present.

Leafy greens are loaded with nutritional vitamins A, C, E, and Okay, and minerals reminiscent of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. A food plan stuffed with nutrient-dense leafy greens has been proven to bolster your immune system, decreasing dangers of illness and illness. Filled with chlorophylls, leafy greens support in detoxifying your physique and boosting your vitality ranges. On prime of all that, leafy inexperienced greens are low in energy, filling you up with out tipping the size.

Learn on to study our 4 favourite leafy inexperienced greens, their well being advantages, and methods to incorporate extra of them into your on a regular basis food plan.

Collard Greens

Collard greens are one of the vital nutrient-dense meals on the market! Wealthy in calcium and fiber this superfood promotes a wholesome immune system, maintains robust bones, and eases colon discomforts.


Imagine it or not, an eight-ounce serving of collard greens has extra calcium than a cup of dairy milk! That’s proper — one serving of collard greens incorporates 360 milligrams (mg) of calcium, 60 mg greater than an eight-ounce serving of milk, and 30% of your day by day worth.

Calcium serves many functions inside the physique — from bone and enamel well being to muscular operate. Getting sufficient calcium in your food plan is much more necessary as we become older. As we age, our bones turn into extra brittle and fragile, making us extra prone to accidents. A food plan wealthy in calcium can assist to make sure that our bones stay robust, our hearts preserve a daily rhythm, and our muscle tissues keep nimble.


Adults want between 25 and 35 grams of dietary fiber to keep up a nutritious diet, nevertheless, the typical American solely consumes about 15 grams day by day. By including a serving of cooked collard greens to your food plan, you’re practically a 3rd of the way in which in the direction of your day by day worth!

Fiber helps our our bodies regulate sugar utilization, management LDL ldl cholesterol, and preserve common and cozy digestion. Fiber is a nutrient that can’t be digested, absorbed, or damaged down by the human physique. Consequently, fiber doesn’t trigger a spike in blood sugar and helps us really feel fuller for longer. Consuming a adequate quantity of fiber can even assist to keep away from colon discomforts, like hemorrhoids and constipation. By selling extra common digestion, elevated fiber consumption has additionally been linked to a decreased threat of illnesses of the colon.


One other one in every of our favourite leafy inexperienced superfoods is kale. Equally to collard greens, kale is ample in nutritional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Kale’s nutrient-dense composition has been proven to cut back dangers of psychological and bodily well being circumstances and assist preserve a sustainable and wholesome way of life.


Have you ever ever heard of environmental toxins referred to as free radicals? They will construct up in our our bodies and trigger mobile harm over time. Fortunately antioxidant-rich meals like kale assist to forestall the build-up of free radicals from taking place within the first place. The antioxidants in kale cleanse our our bodies by breaking down undesirable toxins, decreasing the chance of damaging well being circumstances — like irritation, coronary heart illness, and diabetes — from occurring.

Vitamin C

People are one of many few creatures that can’t synthesize Vitamin C internally. Our vitamin C ranges rely fully on the consumption of meals and dietary supplements, which is why it’s so necessary that our diets are plentiful in vitamin C-rich meals. Kale is jam-packed with Vitamin C. A one-cup serving of uncooked kale incorporates 80 milligrams (mg) of Vitamin C — that’s greater than 100% of your day by day worth.

Vitamin C performs a important function in supporting our bodily and psychological well being. Many people know vitamin C for its immune system-boosting talents, however do you know that top ranges of vitamin C correlate with low ranges of cognitive degeneration? Along with serving to your physique heal from sickness and arming your white blood cells to combat infections, excessive ranges of vitamin C have been discovered to considerably cut back the dangers of cognitive impairment and shield towards reminiscence loss.


Folate, the pure type of folic acid, is an important B vitamin that promotes wholesome crimson blood cell manufacturing, produces DNA and RNA, and is most identified for its function throughout being pregnant. Darkish leafy greens like kale comprise the best folate ranges of any meals — with 141 mg of folate in a 100-gram serving of kale.

Folate is important in making certain a wholesome and profitable being pregnant. In the course of the earliest stage of being pregnant, ladies are really useful to devour 400 mg of folate to forestall start defects and support within the growth of a wholesome fetus. Along with dietary supplements, kale, and different darkish leafy inexperienced greens, present greater than 30% of the really useful consumption, serving to expectant moms meet all their dietary wants whereas sustaining a plant-based food plan.


Perhaps Popeye was onto one thing. All of us keep in mind the cartoon sailor with spinach-sparked superpowers, proper? Because it seems, spinach is among the most nutrient-dense leafy greens on the market.

Vitamin A

Spinach is a superb supply of vitamin A, as beta-carotene, containing over 180% of your day by day worth in a two-cup serving. Vitamin A is an immune system booster, aiding within the manufacturing of T-cells, which assist your physique combat off micro organism and viruses. Guaranteeing you may have sufficient vitamin A in your food plan is important, particularly throughout chilly and flu season!

Vitamin Okay

Along with vitamin A, a single serving of spinach additionally incorporates greater than 200% of your day by day worth of vitamin Okay. Vitamin Okay is necessary for each wholesome growing old and high quality of life because it performs an important function in bone well being and mobility. Recognized for its bone-strengthening properties — vitamin Okay helps to provide the proteins in bones and forestall bones from weakening. Excessive ranges of vitamin Okay have been linked to a decreased threat of mobility disabilities, together with heart problems and osteoarthritis.

However earlier than you begin filling your food plan with heaps of spinach, pay attention to vitamin Okay’s blood-clotting talents. Vitamin Okay’s blood-clotting properties assist us heal from accidents and forestall extreme bleeding, however if you’re on a blood thinning remedy, seek the advice of your doctor to allow them to modify your remedy to accommodate your food plan.


Within the absence of meat, many vegans are generally involved with whether or not or not they’ll meet their day by day iron consumption. However with a well-balanced, plant-based food plan, you possibly can relaxation assured that your iron wants are met. One cup of cooked spinach can get you midway there with practically 50% of your day by day worth of iron — 3.7 mg.

Iron deficiency anemia is among the commonest well being circumstances in America, inflicting fatigue, weak spot, and dizziness. Iron makes hemoglobin within the blood, which carries oxygen out of your lungs to different components of your physique. Rising your consumption of iron-rich vegetation and dietary supplements has been proven to cut back the dangers of anemia and energy your crimson blood cells with the gasoline they should preserve vitality ranges, steadiness, and focus.


Small, however mighty — these tiny sprouts pack a punch! Microgreens are seedlings of greens and herbs. Whereas the dietary worth of microgreens varies primarily based on the sort, microgreens are extra nutrient-dense than their fully-grown counterparts, containing between 4 and twenty instances extra vitamins than mature vegetation. Arugula microgreens, as an illustration, comprise as much as 9 instances extra vitamins than mature arugula, together with important nutritional vitamins, minerals, and helpful phyto-compounds.

Plus, in case you’re concerned about rising extra of your personal meals, rising microgreens is an effective way to get began. You don’t want a lot actual property to begin your microgreen backyard — in case you’ve bought a well-lit windowsill, you’re able to go!

Uncooked or cooked?

Ought to leafy greens be eaten uncooked or cooked? Uncooked greens are likely to have a better focus of nutritional vitamins, which may oftentimes diminish in the course of the cooking course of. Nonetheless, it’s simpler to eat a big serving of some leafy greens when they’re cooked fairly than uncooked, thus delivering extra minerals . A serving of spinach, as an illustration, has 3 times extra iron when it’s steamed, in comparison with a serving of uncooked spinach. Get the very best of each worlds by incorporating a mixture of uncooked and cooked leafy greens into your on a regular basis food plan.

Upping your day by day consumption of inexperienced leafy greens is simpler than you would possibly assume! Under are a few of our favourite green-packed recipes to fulfill your cravings.

Inexperienced Smoothie

Once you consider greens, salads in all probability come to thoughts. However have you ever thought of that ingesting your greens may very well be much more scrumptious and nutritious? Our inexperienced smoothie recipe pairs spinach, banana, and walnuts with Hallelujah Food regimen B-Flax-D powder to ship a robust dose of nutritional vitamins, minerals, wholesome fat, and fiber. Drink this superfood-filled smoothie within the early afternoon to really feel fulfilled all day lengthy!

Plus, including leafy inexperienced greens to your contemporary juice blends helps to maximise your nutrient consumption! Mixing greens breaks down the fiber extra effectively, making the vitamins extra available for absorption.

Straightforward Collard Wraps

Double down in your leafy greens with collard greens and microgreens in our simple collard wrap recipe. As its title suggests, this fast and easy recipe comes collectively in below ten minutes and is ideal for busy days and weeknight suppers. Pack all of your favourite greens into one dish!

Spinach and Strawberry Salad

The spinach strawberry salad tastes like summertime all 12 months spherical! That is one in every of our favourite recipes from our Hallelujah! Easy Weekly Meal Plans cookbook. Loaded with plant-based vitamins, Marilyn’s spinach and strawberry salad may have vegans and non-vegans alike coming again for seconds!



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