Home Nutrition 7 Spectacular Borage (Starflower) Herb Vitamin details and Well being advantages

7 Spectacular Borage (Starflower) Herb Vitamin details and Well being advantages

7 Spectacular Borage (Starflower) Herb Vitamin details and Well being advantages


Choice and storage

Borage ought to be recent for its use in salads and cooking. Whereas shopping for from the markets, search for recent herb leaves with stout, succulent stems and delicate cucumber taste that may be appreciated from a brief distance.

Very like different greens equivalent to spinach, borage can keep recent just for just a few hours and lose its taste sooner. In contrast to in different herbs like oregano the place dry herbs (leaves) and powder will be added to delicacies, dried borage leaves are out of taste, and due to this fact, prevented.

Keep away from sunken, yellow, or dried leaves as they’re out of taste.

As soon as at dwelling, retailer borage, as you do it for spinach or every other greens.

Preparation and serving strategies:

Wash recent herbs in chilly working water or rinse for a couple of minutes to take away any dust or pesticide residues. The herb can be utilized in giant portions like different inexperienced greens. Take away robust leaves and stems utilizing a paring knife.

Listed here are some cooking suggestions:

Green sauce
Mediterranean inexperienced sauce-salsa verde.
Picture courtesy: toyohara
  • Younger tender borage leaves can add delicate cucumber taste to the salads.

  • Mature however tender leaves will be employed as a inexperienced vegetable in a lot the identical method as spinach. It mixes nicely with different greens, french beans, carrots, potato, tomato, and many others.

  • Tender leaves used to make recent juice with added lemonade.

  • Borage flowers are sometimes combined in batter and fried in oil to scrumptious fritters. They can be candied.

  • Borage is without doubt one of the frequent substances together with parsley, chervil, chives, watercress,
    sorrel, and salad burnet within the preparation of conventional German inexperienced sauce.

  • Recent herbs can be added to sausages, pizza, and poultry stuffing.

  • Borage tea is a well-liked refreshing drink in European international locations.

Medicinal makes use of of borage herb

borage oil
Borage oil
  • Borage herb elements, particularly its seeds comprise essential health-benefiting important oils equivalent to gamma-linolenic acid. This omega-6 fatty acid (18:3 fat) is really useful within the therapy of arthritis, dermatitis, pre-menstrual painful situations, and many others.

  • An infusion of leaves and seeds is utilized in conventional medicines to extend breast milk secretion in nursing moms. (Medical disclaimer)

Security profile

The borage herb comprises sure compounds, which when taken in giant portions, might have an effect on kidney capabilities (doable diuretic impact). (Medical disclaimer).

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Additional Assets:

  1. Starflower- antioxidants-B. officinalis L.

  2. USDA Nationwide Nutrient Database.



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